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Humberto Bruni is an Italian-American Classical Guitar Concert Artist, with an extensive career including public appearances at conspicuous Music Halls in the United States of America, as well as several great Music Venues in several countries in Europe: Germany, Spain, England, France, and Italy.

His studies in music began under the guidance of his own father, Blas Bruni Celli, at age fourteen. Continuing later with a disciple of Maestro Andrés Segovia, Flaminia Montenegro

With a Master Degree in Guitar Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Mr. Bruni also holds a Degree in Systems Engineer (1993, Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela) and also holds a Degree in Sound Engineering (2019, SAE Miami, USA, NB: as Valedictorian) which has permitted develop himself as an inventor and a musician of extremely wide-angle scope.

Besides his extremely tied public Concert appearances agenda, Mr. Bruni has a deep interest in applied mathematics, which encouraged him to study Electronics Engineering, Physics, Astrophysics, Retro-Mio-Bio-Feedback applied to Human Physiology in order to get enough deep knowledge to accomplish his no easy challenging intellectual tasks.

Humberto Bruni has been committed for more than two decades to design, develop and thoroughly test several devices in order to improve the Classical Guitar technique by increasing the human hand fingers interdependency. 

Performing since the age of 15 years, Bruni has developed, by using his own computer-controlled devices, the proficiency needed for playing the uttermost technique-demanding classical guitar repertoire. 

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